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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our offering is often referred to as a mini-IPO. We are conducting a Reg. A+ Tier 2 offering that allows us to raise up to $50 million dollars under Title IV of the Jobs Act. The company has had to submit Form 1-A registration statement to the SEC for approval and is subject to ongoing reporting requirements.

Like an IPO, Reg. A+ allows companies to offer shares to the general public and not just accredited investors. The shares you purchase are immediately freely tradable

We prefer to have thousands of investors that will use and tell others about DatChat, instead of just a few large professional investors. There is no better way to have partners with a vested interest in succeeding together. It is so important to us that we are actually offering a majority of the company to our new investors.

We are looking to raise up to $50 million dollars at an offering price of $2.00 per share

Upon the closing of the offering our intentions are to create a market for your shares by listing on an appropriate exchange or OTC Market. The Shares you purchase are immediately freely tradable.

Non-accredited investor may invest from a minimum of $500 to a maximum of 10% of their annual income or 10% of their net worth per year, whichever is greater.

There are no restrictions for accredited investors

Simply click on the “Invest Now” button located on the homepage. You will then be asked to complete a series of forms. Upon completion and transfer of the appropriate funds to our escrow account, your investment will be processed

We currently accept Automated Clearing House (ACH), Visa & Master Card Debit or Credit Cards, and Bitcoin.

Upon acceptance of your investment we notify our Stock Transfer Agent to issue your shares.

No, there is absolutely no cost to the investor. An investor may invest without paying anything beyond the actual investment amount.

Right Now! Our offering has received qualification from the SEC and is now live.

We were founded in December, 2014.

Our belief is that we all have the right to control and protect our own privacy...

Even After We Hit Send.

Very Simply, DatChat is a new communications platform that allows you to control your messages before and after you hit send. Think of it as a Personal Messaging Rights Management Platform. Our Patent pending technology allows a sender to set a message to last forever or automatically self-destruct after a certain number of views. At any time a sender can wipe messages off a recipient’s device or give them more/less time to view the message.

Not yet, but we plan to start development with proceeds from this offering. We feel integrating texting and email privacy is a game changer.

DatChat is currently available for iPhone, iMessage, iPad, and Android.

We have a Patent Pending covering our unique privacy technology.